NOW UNPRECEDENTED! LIVE webstream from Air Guitar World Championships in Finland

The 19th Air Guitar World Championships will be livestreamed at on Friday morning, which means it will be Friday night in Finland, despite the fact that it never, ever gets dark.


So by USAG calculations, the stream will begin at 10:40 a.m. Pacific / 1:40 p.m. Eastern.   While watching, join the conversation on Twitter, Instagram and Scribble feed by using #agwc2014.




As we’ve oft said, any of USAG’s regional semifinalists would do us proud on the world stage – and would indeed have a shot at winning the whole thing.  And now, unprecedentedly, each and every U.S. representative who entered the Finish Dark Horse competition last night has advanced to the World Stage.  Despite all the international accolades showered upon America’s previous world champs and damn-near-world champs, this might be USAG’s proudest hour.  Congratualtions to  Doug “The Thunder” Stroock,  Del-Kun Dave “G. Tso Money” Chen, Rob “Windhammer” Weychert, and Marquina “Marteeka” Iliev.



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And if you’re anywhere near Kansas City, USAG’s very own corporate fatcat and world’s greatest grillman CORP-AIRATION (Brian Reeves) is hosting a watch party (details up in hee’ya, AG community only).

U.S. Sends Airistotle to Finland Armed With Airness 2.0


Stotle-titlePhoto credit: Dave Ingraham

KANSAS CITY, MO — After a weeklong  siege of Kansas City, where every major newspaper, newscast, and even the Mayor’s Office dedicated themselves to splattering the city with all things air guitar, AIRISTOTLE (Matt Burns, NYC), our child-philosopher-king, took the 2014 US Air Guitar National Title.  This will be his second trip as the U.S. representative on the world stage in Oulu, Finland.  He will compete against two dozen other countries and his fellow countryman, last year’s world champion, Mean Melin (Eric Melin, KC) in the name of world peace.


The event took place at KC’s historic Midland and was livestreamed to thousands thanks to our friends at Story Torch Studios.


In my opinion, the difference maker in last night’s competition can be sufficiently described as “the fourth criterion,” or perhaps Airness Two.  Unlike many national competitions held overseas, in the U.S. it is no longer possible to win the title with the traditional three criteria (technical, stage presence, “airness”); gone are the days when we could simply default to “airness” as the tipping point between champion and everyone else because, as any one in attendance or watching the livestream saw, there was no more or less airness at the top of round two than at the bottom – and yet everyone agrees the right guy one.


New York City’s AIRISTOTLE (Matt Burns) secured his second U.S. Championship Saturday night at Kansas City’s Midland. ‘Stotle now heads to Finland to compete against two dozen other countries in the name of world peace.




Round two scores:




Round one scores:




Venue Staff: Still shitting themselves.


Afterparty spot: Mini Bar (DJ’d by Magic Cyclops).

National Finals LIVE STREAM!

(Here’s a direct link complete with chat widget, 8 cameras plus an over-the-crowd drone doo-dad, if you’re into that sort of thing.)


Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream



Fung Wah 2014: 5 Dark Horsemen (and angelfood spongecake)

KANSAS CITY, MO — Thursday night some 32 of the country’s second-best air guitarists “came out” to Missie B’s for one last shot at gaining entry to the National Finals.  They came by official invite only and on their own dime knowing that only five would be allowed to advance.  Yet nearly every performance was of National caliber.  And given the 2,000 person capacity of tonight’s Finals, the crowd may well exceed National caliber as well.

IMG_2021Look closely and say “hi, Sahexy!”

2008 World AIr Guitar Champion HOT LIXX HULAHAN (Craig Billmeier) hosted the event with the highbrow humor of a guy who works a comedy club 6 days a week and the body of a pudgy, blossoming girl scout.  If the contestant ever faltered – and they didn’t – Hot Lixx was there to pick up the slack.

Hands down, Thursday’s best performance was SLAM CABBAGE’S second round offering.  Dressed as Willy Loman from Death of a Salesman, his first round was a metal rendition of the internet classic Trololo and for his second round Cabbage launched himself from the stage to a drink-ledge near the judges.  His aim may have been to eventually make it all the way to the judges’ station, but before long a thousand hands – as if from the depths of hell itself – the crowd dragged him down into an involuntary crowd surf.  Cabbage would ride that wave all the way to Saturday’s Nationals.