A Message to You, Bradley Cooper

Various National and World Champions joined together to challenge Bradley Cooper (nay, Brädley Cöoper), of great flicker picture and entertainment import, to come out and compete in one of our Conference Finals. Fame, fortune and hummus awaits – how could he possibly say no?



Tyranicus Unleashes End Times Upon San Diego

 This is a guest post by Lt. Facemelter, former US National Champ and organizer of the San Diego qualifier. Make sure to check out all the pictures and videos below the article! – 

Holy shit this recap is delayed! And you know what – it’s not entirely my fault. In fact, I am blaming this squarely on Tyranicus, because this is some serious End Times shit. Our office damn near caught fire the other day when a “Snake-carrying Hawk” clipped the power lines of a local transformer setting the hillside ablaze. If that’s not the most metal way to start a fire, then I don’t know what is. AND WE BARELY SURVIVED.


Lt. Facemelter and Octane Fretty erupt into flames while AIRiel RipChord mourns the loss of her treasured oreos off camera.


Like a phoenix from the ashes, here rises the recap of the most bad ass, fun and successful show San Diego Air Guitar has ever seen. We’re talking a crowd of 250 screaming idiots at The Merrow, 17 competitors, concert ticket giveaways from FM94/9, Plinko For Prizes, free Zubaz and Jersey Sweaters, and official San Diego Air Guitar t-shirts. And with all the proceeds of our super fun merch table, we were able to raise $300 for Noche and Neighborhood Services – a cause that is near and dear to our air guitarring hearts. Learn more about her story here and why we are so happy to help!

Fly to the (City of) Angels for the LA Qualifier

- This is a guest post by Six String General, organizer of the LA qualifier. – 

Greetings passengers, this is your captain 6 String General coming to you from the flight deck.  The LA qualifier will be taking flight on Saturday June 13th, departing the world famous Viper Room at 9pm.  The forecast is calling for high winds. so please fasten your seatbelts, make sure your tray table is in the upright position and prepare for a rocking flight.


If you take a look out the right side of the plane, you’ll see a mix of 14 savvy vets and exotic newcomers.  Dr. Feel Mediocre, Airy and the Fendersons & Noodle Arms are all returning to the stage after several years’ absence.  Our 2014 3rd place finisher Gwarana wants more, but with only 2 people moving on this year, can she move up a place? Last year’s audience choice for Round 2, Air-O-Dynamic, is also looking to improve on his finish. Axe Redeemer is back for his second taste of the stage, and will be joined by longtime veterans Ziggy Stardust, Andres Segoviair & Roqzilla.

The Triumphant Return of Seattle Is Upon Us!

It’s been two VERY long, and hey, let’s be honest, VERY drunk, seasons since Seattle has seen an official air guitar competition. Hmm, um, come to think of it, it was, oh yeah. . . Oh yeah! It was Um, who last took the title and proudly represented us on the National stage in Denver back in 2012. So very long ago. Sigh. Well, ladies and dudes, sigh no longer, because on June 11th at the Highline Bar at 9pm, Seattle will be making its comeback by hosting its very first official air guitar qualifier!

1475904_709356789174564_5925981553195132156_nBecause of our city’s long hiatus from the competitive circuit, most of the Seattle veterans have scattered and settled elsewhere. Whereabouts still unknown to this day. But hey! Don’t let that stop you from participating! Those currently partaking in this crazily fun event were drunkenly convinced and/or/maybe raised their hands gladly(?) to sign up because of their unique style and love for the “air”. So watch out! Because seriously, you never know; by the end of the night, you may be bound for the semi-finals stage in San Francisco!

Boston: Unfazed by Venue Closings

- This is a guest post by Captain Airhab, host of the Boston qualifier-

Alright I better do this.  Air2D2 has been asking me to get this done. The Preview of the 2015 Boston Qualifier for the US Air Guitar Championships: Saturday, June 6th at 5:30pm. I really don’t know what to write for this but I’m staring at a copy of the novelization of Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey so hopefully that well written tome will give me inspiration. I was supposed to write this yesterday (2 days ago now) while watching Star Wars with Air2D2 (true) but instead I fell asleep. So here I am on a Monday afternoon at 3:41pm drinking a beer and trying to figure out what to write.

boston flyer 2015Last year Boston turned out to be a surprising success.  And that was on Memorial Day weekend.  This year we’re doing another matinee show but not on Memorial Day weekend so I thought it would be way less stressful.  It’s not, Boston loves to sign up at the last minute. (Hey Rockupine: sign up, I know you’re competing.) But we did get some awesome press this year. A write up on boston.com and the most excellent Boston punk rock blog Bishop and Rook.