Mean Melin only non-virgin on this week’s #YouTubeNation

Youtube Nation, the daily youtube roundup that dares to steal the internet back from Tosh.0, has included Mean Melin’s 2013 AGWC performance in their amazing “music you won’t hear at Coachella” episode.  Also featured: a theremin, a girl playing Zelda songs on her loom, and a gamer-turned-musician-but-still-a-virgin.



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Insurance for Air Guitar: You’re Covered

“It’s good to know, when you’re traveling, that any injuries you sustain while playing air guitar will be covered by your travel insurance.”



Air Guitar March Madness!!

UPDATE: 4/15 – Round Four begins!

After this weekend, March Madness is officially underway and college basketball brackets are getting busted everywhere. In anticipation of the upcoming 2014 US Air Guitar season, we thought we’d bust a little bracket of our own.


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A performance worthy of Bing

Check out this gem recently unearthed by our in-house research team.  It didn’t pass youtube’s rigorous vetting process so it’s hosted by the innovators at OneDrive, who last month introduced their in-the-cloud file storage service ten years after YouSendIt and five years after Google, powered by Microsoft (who?) and only searchable via Bing.


A cautionary tale for us all: no more unsanctioned air guitar competitions!



UK Leather Daddies Melt Faces for Local Hospice

My Father’s Mustache, apparently a UK-based “triple-x” leather airband, held a successful fundraiser for Lincolnshire Hospice this past weekend.  Misread the whole Loud Leather piece here.

Leather Nevernudes