Iran Extends Hand to U.S. Air Guitar



QATAR — In heretofore unprecedented fashion, for the first time since Ben Affleck scared the ess out of us in this scene, official representatives on important business work from Iran and the United States shared an embrace in the name of world peace.


Tehran’s Mohammad R.R. and the United States’ Airis T., whose names have been redacted for fear of reprisal from either country’s bananapants security apparatus, shared a second-place finish at an impromptu air guitar competition late Wednesday night.  The co-winners of the evening were Nordic Thunder and a local chap who, in this largely Muslim region, goes by the controversial stage name “Santa Claus.”


More desert competitions are slated for every night this week.



Doha Soundcheck Party, W Doha Afterparty

Sound Check Party


DOHA, QATAR — A handful of VIPs, roadies and catering staff from The Twenty Four Abu2Funzone  were treated to a soundcheck party with USAG all-stars WILLIAM OCEAN (Andrew Litz), NORDIC THUNDER (Justin Howard), and AIRISTOTLE (Matt Burns).  Later in the evening, local legend-slash-some-dude-from-the-crowd, Aman, won Qatar’s first air guitar wildcard competition.  Along with bragging rights, Aman also wins a free suite at he  classiest hotel this side of the Arabian Gulf, the W Doha.





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U.S. Brings Message of World Peace to Middle East



DOHA — By invitation of 24 HOUR FUN ZONE, U.S. Air Guitar is honored to join the iconic KOOL AND THE GANG and a slew of other legendary performers here in the capital city of Qatar.


Shredding double sets all week are US Air Guitar legends WILLIAM OCEAN (U.S. Champ ’07, ’09), NORDIC THUNDER (U.S. ’11, World Champ ’12) and AIRISTOTLE (U.S. ’12, ’14).  The week will culminate with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Qatari people to experience professional air guitar and Kool and the Gang performing on the same stage.  Afterwards, it’s corn dogs and motion sickness at the site of the world’s first reverse bungee jump.


Academic Explores Gender in Context of USAG

I remember when I first noticed that I had an outie but she had an innie. And to this day, the debate rages on.


Chris Jericho Sorta Spotted at USAG Qualifier

Like the rest of the kids, USAG is all about instagram, wrestling, and sprang break. Imagine our delight when this gem dripped through the mojo.


“I may have lost the show stealer against #RandyOrton last night at #WWENOC, but I DAMN sure played a mean #AirGuitar during the match!! @wwe”