CindAirella takes KC Semifinal!



KANSAS CITY, MO — From as far away as Arkansas and Houston, Oxford and England,, over 18 competitors (19 to be exact!) took the stage in at Kansas City’s recordBar.


Three winners emerged from Saturday night’s raucous show. ROCKWARD SILENCE (Conor Taft) will make his second appearance on the National stage in as many years. And longtime performer Sonic Biatch (Rachelle Landreth) will join him and the freshly crowned, first-time winner and Kansas City Champion, CindAirella (Elizabeth Melin) in Washington, DC on August 5th.


US Air Guitar Shreds and Streams Brooklyn TONIGHT!



Fuck crochet, experience tonight’s show IRL at the Knitting Factory in Williamsburg. Click here for tickets. Show will start promptly at 8 p.m., despite what the guys at kinkos misprinted on the poster.


Out of town? Afraid of subways? Jeans too loose for Williamsburg? You can stream the event here at 8 p.m. Eastern


Spudboy Twisted SistAIR Farty McFly Little Bro Peep VivianSlaughter SCOTTY KARATE OpRock (The artist formally known as operation rock a pussy) OpRock Air-O-Dynamic Matt Damon aka DOI! The BroZone Layer Georgia Lunch Smiley Rod Breeze Wrench Captain Airhab Filthy Fingers



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Romeo DanceCheetah, Jinja Assassin, & Rocky Rhoades take Chicago!



The house was packed, the banner got hung, and the stream apparently worked but “maybe you had to be there.” Romeo DanceCheetah (Matt Cornelison) emerged from retirement and together with a resurgent Rocky Rhoads (Gina Czarkowski) and newcomer Jinja Assassin (Alexander Roberts), will head to the National Finals in DC to represent the ‘Shy.

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Oh, Mama! Oh, Nashville!

This is a Guest Post by Whit Hubner AKA Witness


Nashville Qualifier

1st Place: Nicole Sevcik – Mom Jeans Jeanie

2nd Place: Justin Amalgi – Smiley Rod

Organizer: Whit Hubner – Witness


WH air guitar


Recap: We started the night with a packed house. I swear we went from 30 people in the place to over 100 in like 30 minutes. The number draw from the magic cowboy boot happened. CindAIRella, who had already won a qualifier, but still wanted to perform for Nashville, declared that she would go first with an intentional DQ. That left the other 8 to select the remaining slots. It shook out like this:

1.CindAIRella (KC)

2.Jimmy Peters (Nashville)

3. Mom Jeans Jeanie (Atlanta)

4. Shorty McShred (Nashville)

5. Smiley Rod (NYC)

6. Stack Attack (KC)

7. Iron Dragon (KC)

8. Farty McFly (NYC)

9. Glory Wholesome (KC)


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Lumb-air-jack, Agnes Young, & Six String Sal Take SD Semifinal!

SD Blog One


With a crowded field nearing 10 competitors in round 2, and a raucous audience that stayed until whatever happens after Freebird, Lumb-air-jack (Will Herndon), Agnes Young (Rachel Sinclair), & Six String Sal (Saladin Thomas) took San Diego. Dozens of other damn-near competitors will watch them advance to the National Finals this August in Washington, DC.

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