In 20th Year of Competition, Russia Wins First Ever Air Guitar World Championship (AGWC)

(This release comes courtesy of our pals in the Finnish Mother Ship.)


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In 20th Year of Competition, Russia Wins First Ever Air Guitar World Championship

Media release. Published: 29-Aug-2015 12:59 am
Ilmakitaransoiton MM-kisat

Kereel ”Your Daddy” Blumenkrants was crowned the first-ever Russian Air Guitar World Championtonight in Oulu, Finland at the 20th Anniversary of the event, which promotes world peace. The competition was extremely tight and it came down to a thrilling 3rd-round Air Off between Your Daddy and Matt ”Airistotle” Burns from the United States. The two also happen to be friends from opposite ends of the world who met each other through the annual worldwide competition, illustrating the message of brotherhood that the Air Guitar World Championships has spread for 20 years.

The rainy weather didn´t dampen the spirits of thousands of air guitar fans who crowded the town square of Oulu to celebrate this unusual, long-running event and watch the best air guitarists from around the globe battle it out for air supremacy. It was a dramatic conclusion to a historic night of good vibrations and creativity that also included a performance by French musical-comedy troupe Airnadette and modern circus group Race Horse Company from Finland.

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U.S. Takes 2nd, 3rd and 8th Place in World Championships!!

stotle-NationalPhoto credit: Kyle Privette

OULU, FINLAND — Making perhaps the biggest splash in the long history of international air guitar, the United States sent ten competitors to Finland this year, four of whom advanced all the way to the World Stage. AIRISTOTLE (Matt Burns), our standard bearer and 2015 National Champion, took second place behind Russia’s YOUR DADDY (Kreel Blumenkrants). Kansas City’s CindAirella (Beth Melin) finished near the top of the first rounders while New York’s AIRTISTE (Jeffrey Stiles) and OPERATION ROCKAPUSSY (Michael Lovely) took 8th and 3rd place, respectively.


After a nail-biting 3rd round air off, ‘Stotle took the second place prize for the second year in a row. As we speak, team U.S. and their international counterparts are being paraded over to the .45 Special for autographs and photo ops. More to come later.


RockAPussyOperation Rock A Pussy (Michael Lovely) takes 3rd place.


UrDaddyRussia’s Your Daddy takes the grand prize, a guitar he has no idea how to play.

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Air Guitar World Championships Streaming NOW!

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USAG Correctly Predicts 2 Dark Horse Winners in Finland, Internet Cries Foul

OpRockDarkHorsePhoto by Juuso Haarala/Air Guitar World Championships


OULU, FINLAND – In a blatantly corrupt Dark Horse competition hosted some 4,000 miles from US Air Guitar’s corporate headquarters – organized by a company that doesn’t speak our language and is technically our boss – two of the three U.S. competitors who advanced to the World Stage tonight were earlier in the day predicted to win in this very blog.


Here’s a livetweet of today’s aforementioned timeline of corruption:


Now: At 12:00 p.m. EDT someone at USAG Corporate woke up and typed this:


Snarky parentheticals be damned!


Now: At 7:50 p.m. EDT Air Guitar World Championships announced this:


Commas aren't decimals!

Needless to say, the interspheres are going bananapants.


All mid-level corruption and nervous joking aside, there were 9 (nine!) U.S. competitors tonight on that tiny stage at Oulu’s .45 Special, which tipped the law of averages in a direction of shit, which in fact flushes counter-clockwise here in the northernmost tip of the hemisphere: so while thousands of U.S. fans at home have never been more proud to produce such a brilliant group of performers, the international community here in Finland was likely overwhelmed by such a dominating show of U.S. exceptionalism. (“USA! USA! USA!”)

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U.S. Swarms Dark Horse Stage Tonight



–But before taking the really big stage tomorrow – live streaming from this very link – a gaggle of Americans are just hours away from taking a really little stage at Finland’s last-ditch-effort dark horse competition today. (Follow our retweets here.)


Among the throngs of U.S. media, groupies, and ambassadors of air (Bjorn and Nordic) are the following American competitors hoping for one last shot at the world stage:


  • Jason “Lt. Facemelter” Farnan (he drew the 2-spot tonight, rough)
  • Robert “The Marquis” Messel, US (our proud union rep)
  • Del-Kun Dave “G. Tso Money” Chen (but we thought he was Chinese! JK, D-K, we know you’re one of those flavors!)
  • Jeffrey “The Airtiste” Stiles (“where Rock-a-pussy goes, I follow”*)
  • Kara “Kara Picante” Muir (Charles’ better half)
  • Charles “Facemolester” Muir (no relation)
  • Justin “Iron Dragon” Fox (say whaa?)
  • Michael “Operation Rock a Pussy” Lovely (*see Airtiste)
  • Beth “CindAirella” Melin (no relation)


Clearly, the 20th anniversary brought out more talent than ever before. What’s usually a 10 or 12 competitor event has swelled to 30 this year, a third of whom represent the stars and stripes.


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