Southeast Semifinal Brings Legends Back to the Stage

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SHRED, after a 23 month hiatus, proves the District is still his. Following him to KC is DOUG THUNDERSTROOCK and BABERHAM LINCOLN.

Nashville Qualifier: Gettin’ Shitty in Music City

-This is a guest post by Nashville organizer, Michael Vucovich-

We run on southern time in Nashville..slow and easy.  So, yeah, its been a month since our competition, but your recap is finally here.  This year brought a fresh batch of talent and crowned a new southern air-guitar champion in typical Nashvegas style.  Which means performers and a great crowed doing our intoxicated best to support a music-focused non-profit Notes for Notes through the AWESOME POWER OF AIR GUITAR.

We were a little light on pros this year, as defending champion Van Dammage and Cleoplectra elected to stay in their cozy Atlanta home and forgo a title defense.  But the Nashville scene never disappoints in random talent, and the crowd sure as hell got their money’s worth.

Our team of judges was led by the legendary Doug “The Thunder” Stroock, who also opened the show.  The local Fox station was broadcasting LIVE, and he managed to get sexy enough that they shut off the cameras and ran for cover by the time he finished.  Nashville Air Guitar takes pride on chasing off our guests (talking to you Miss Tennessee), so thanks to Doug for keeping the tradition going.

Vanity Fair Obtains Leak of Alex Koll’s Masterpiece “Inside Hot Lixx Hulahan”

We kept this gem under wraps for as long as we could, but somehow Vanity Fair obtained a leaked copy of this year’s intro video.  I guess if you can’t beat ‘em you might as well share ‘em.  Click here to view on

Directed and Animated by Alex Koll
Shot by Clean White Lines



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