2013 Results

Smaller bracket

2013 Washington D.C. Qualifier

1st Place: Rob “The Marquis” Messel
2nd Place: Bianca “President Baberham Lincoln” Cevoli

2013 Brooklyn Qualifier

1st Place: David “David C. Roth” Castillo
2nd Place: Dave “G T$o Money” Chen

2013 Boston Qualifier

1st Place: Jeffrey “The Rockupine” Stiles
2nd Place: Tom “Jean-Luc Pickguard” Smo

2013 Kansas City Qualifier

1st Place: JoJo “Air Jesus” Longbottom
2nd Place: Nielsen “Thunderball” Nacis

2013 Chicago Qualifier

1st Place: Erik “Midnight Maniaxe” Pertl
2nd Place: Aarón “Dry Ice” Alonso

2013 San Francisco Qualifier

1st Place: Rachel “Pops Rockwood” Rockwood
2nd Place: Jacob “Shred Theodore Logan” Green

2013 Tuscon Qualifier

1st Place: Garrett “G-Man” Moore
2nd Place: Chris “Jahbone” Gordon

2013 St. Petersburg Qualifier

1st Place: Sean “Rattlehead” Doran
2nd Place: Robert “Nic Nokay” Gianetta

2013 Des Moines Qualifier

1st Place: Brian “CorpAIRation” Reeves
2nd Place: Rachelle “Sonic Bitch” Landreth

2013 NYC/Manhattan Qualifier

1st Place: Tom “Mitt Umlaut” Corsillo
2nd Place: Justin “Smiley Rod” Magaldi

2013 Nashville Qualifier

1st Place: Luke “Van Dammage” Sevcik
2nd Place: James “James Roquemore” Roquemore

2013 Houston Qualifier

1st Place: Haydee “Veneno” Alonso
2nd Place: Randy “Airiachi” Garza

2013 St. Louis Qualifier

1st Place: Beth “Crystal Richter” Olson
2nd Place: Cameron “Pork Sword” Hawk

2013 San Diego Qualifier

1st Place: Nathan “Jolly Green Shredding Machine” Briles
2nd Place: Brandon “Tyranicus, Lord of the End Times” Baker

2013 Portland Qualifier

1st Place: Matthew “Finger Lickin’ Good” Hutchinson
2nd Place: Mahlon “Whalin’ Big Air” Koopman

2013 Denver Qualifier

1st Place: Andrew “El Mariachi” McArthur
2nd Place: Marcus “AC Slaytair” McArthur

2013 Los Angeles Qualifier

1st Place: Gemini “Soulstice” Pankey
2nd Place: Dan “Satan’s Only Bastard” Adams

2013 Santa Cruz Qualifier

1st Place: Hiram “Sir Lord Snake Bite” Coffee
2nd Place: Derek “Thirsty Motion” Simmons Tobias

2013 Northeast Semifinal

1st Place: Eric “Mean Melin” Melin
2nd Place (tie): Rob “Windhammer” Weychert
2nd Place (tie): Jeffrey “The Rockupine” Stiles
3rd Place: Jamie “Danny Tanner Tantrum” Farnan

2013 Mid-Atlantic Semifinal

1st Place: Adam “Tommy Fretless” Lee
2nd Place (tie): Doug “The Thunder” Stroock
2nd Place (tie): Rob “The Marquis” Messel
3rd Place: Luke “Van Dammage” Sevcik

2013 Midwest Semifinal

1st Place: Aaron “Dry Ice” Alonso
2nd Place: Andrew “Flying Finn” Finn
2nd Place: Gina “Rocky Rhoads” Czarkowski
4th Place: Thomas “Weird Wallace” Kelly

2013 Western Semifinal

1st Place: Matthew “Cold Steel Renegade” Feldstein
2nd Place: Jason “Lt. Facemelter” Farnan
3rd Place: Justin “Seth Leibowitz” Hypes
4th Place: Matthew “Finger Lickin’ Good” Hutchinson