Conway, AR Sets New World Record

Conway, Arkansas was super pumped for its first official US Air Guitar Qualifier. They had the perfect festival for its debut in Toad Suck Daze, joined by over 100,000 party goers and featuring events like the Tricycle Race and several “Very Important Toad Races.” An agenda this impressive deserves an award, but that’s not the record they broke on May 6, 2017.


This is a 100% real event timeline

Their claim to fame came as the result of a snafu in stage change issues that forced their show into happening between the sets of legendary hair bands Great White and Dokken. An honor if you ask any competitor from the professional air guitar circuit, but a challenge to even the seasoned event planner. How do you run a US Air Guitar show in the time it takes Don Dokken to squeeze into his 40 year-old leather pants?

You do the whole damn thing in 6 minutes, that’s how.


Let that sink in for a moment, but not too long – or you might have just missed the Conway Qualifier. From start to finish, the emcee went through a single round of 4 brave competitors, reached out to the judges for a winner and thanked everyone for coming without so much as taking a second breath. If you went to the Porta-John after Great White’s encore, you probably missed the entire Qualifier.

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Custer Crowns Its First Champion

What do you get when you mix 1 crushed velvet, purple jumpsuit, 1 kitty mask, and 1 oversized sombrero? The US Air Guitar Custer Qualifier!!


Big congratulations to first time winners Iced B and Unsweet If You Have It! Both will move on to compete at the Kansas City Semifinals on July 15th!


Photos by Rene Ohms













Photos by Sylvan Rocks Climbing School

Custer 5

Custer 4

Custer 3



Custer 1


And of course… FREE BIRD!

Video by Matt Mordfin


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Georgia Lunch Takes the Big Apple

This is a Guest Post by David “Rev” Ciancio (@revciancio)





Third place: Little Bro Peep
— this is one to watch. Came out draped in a cape, wearing corpse paint. I think everybody was afraid of where this was going to go. Then the Cape came flying off and underneath was a hairy man in a little bopeep outfit. Complete Rager of a performance that blew perceptions of what is an air guitar master across the sexes. A true freedom fighter for both metals and gender equality in air guitar.


Little Bro Peep Photo



Runner up: Twisted Sistair
— blazing performance that answers the question: what if David Bowie was from the Sunset strip and outer space at the same time? You could tell she was a pro from the first note and pulled out every trick there is in the book from highflying kicks, to standing on tables, to backslide to even breaking out some stars and bars. A perfect, perfect competitor if you will.

Twisted Sistair Photo



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Not Your Average Disney Princess

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Welcome to the Brozone Layer. The Season is ON!

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