Fuck the Olympics, we have FREE ICE CREAM!

Ten Reasons the Olympics should have scheduled around tonight’s National Finals (Tickets here! ¡Boletos aqui!):


  1. 1. Free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream truck!
  2. 2. Air Guitarbecue (pulled pork sword, etc.) at discount rates!
  3. 3. We’re dropping Pokémon lures!
  4. 4. We’ll have a Snapchat geofilter!
  5. 5. Bunting!
  6. 6. Someone ripped off Hot Lixx’s crotch WEEKS before the show and sharpied in “Fucking crazy!”
  7. 7. Read the rest of the list right here for a chance to win a meet and greet with legendary 2005 US Air Guitar Champion Rockness Monster!


Hot Lixx

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Dark Horse 2016: Augment Your Reality





Winners: Mom Jeans Jeanie (Nicole Sevcik), Air Jesus, Flying Finn (Andrew Finn), Erik Ittar Jr (Erich Hacker), SixStringSal (Thomas Saladin)


Second-rounders: Whammy Hagar (Tim Granlund), Slashsqautch (Taylor Fullbright), Operation Rock-a-Pussy (Michael Lovely), CindAIRella (Beth Melin), Iron Dragon (Justin Fox)


Noteworthy performances: Every. Fucking. One.


AUSTIN, TX — Every year around this time the second best of the best, the almost good enough, the wannabes and “damn-nears,” are invited to play an underground, unpublished show for one last shot to compete in the National Finals. Similar to – and better than – the Nobel Prize, recipients of Dark Horse invitations are hand-selected by the Office of the Co-commissionership staffers, who are limited to only one vote per hand. The information is then transmitted via Telegram from Corporate HQ to each recipient’s local post office or Western Union, where it is then scanned and delivered via limited edition jpeg.



For many professional air guitarists and air guitar bloggers, it is the most fun show of the year.


Mom Jeans, Air Jesus, Flying Finn, Erik Ittar, & Six String Sal Advance from Dark Horse!



After a raucous Dark Horse competition at an undisclosed location for the ages, Mom Jeans Jeanie (Nicole Sevcik), Air Jesus, Flying Finn (Andrew Finn), Erik Ittar (Erich Hacker), and newcomer Six String Sal (Thomas Saladin) now count themselves among the country’s best professional air guitarists, and thus advance to the National Finals in Austin this Saturday.


But after Thursday night’s display of superb talent and unmatched devotion, one question remains: will Saturday night’s show at the Empire Control Room live up to the hype?


You bet your ass.

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National Finalists Set – Is Austin Ready?


With just over a week to go, it’s time to get a look at who will be shredding for the 2016 US Air Guitar Title. Defending champion Airistotle seeks a three-peat, while returning veterans, rookies and cheap beer stand in his way.


Check out the competitor names below and see who has what it takes on Saturday, August 6th at the Empire Control Room in Austin, TX. Click here to get tickets now!


2016 US Air Guitar National Finalists

Returning Champion:

Matt “Airistotle” Burns


The Austin Hometown Hero

Matt “His Airness” Dailey


Finalists From Portland

Rob “The Marquis” Messel

Sahara “Sahexy” Scott

Matt “Cold Steel Renegade” Feldstein


Finalists From San Diego

Nate “Jolly Green Shredding Machine” Briles

Will “Lumb-AIR-Jack” Herndon

Brandon “Tyranicus, Lord of the End Times” Baker


Finalists From Chicago

Colin “Old Glory” Bach

J.D. “Andres SegoviAIR” Franklund

Eric “Eric von Airicson” McMillan-Yates


Finalists From Kansas City

Conor “Rockward Silence” Taft

Travis “Eddie Hans Flailin'” Arey

Cameron “Pork Sword” Hawk


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Houston: Come And Fake It


Air Guitar, really is, taking something from nothing, and making that an amazing memory
Brock McRock



Houston Texas. 4th largest city in the country, 4-point-something million people with diverse backgrounds and who speak many different languages and about 30 of them got to see what was debatably the best air guitar show of the year thus far. The venue was Avant Garden, a familiar spot for some of the characters we would see through the evening. Although the venue is small, the intimacy of the crowd makes for an enjoyable atmosphere.


We saw some fresh meat in Houston, aside from our regulars: 42 (Victor Prieto), Crooked Pusey-cat (Addie Anderson) and Aka Big Mirtha (Laura Longoria). And we saw some pretty good new comers.



Photo credit: Guitardo Rivera


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