Seattle Airheads Know How to Rock!

This is a Guest Post by Tony Tapatio


Our Dearest U.S. Air Guitar,


Well, it’s been almost two weeks since the Seattle Air Guitar Qualifier. Due to busy schedules and of course, the need to stick to Pacific Northwest tradition, we are just now getting the good word to you. And by good word, we mean the highlights of the Qualifier! So, here they are. . .


Tony Tapatio once again kicked off the event with an astounding introductory performance. He wowed audience members with his airbilities, from soft strummin’ to hard riffin’, with just the right amount of the signature Tapatio air guitar molestation, all performed to a wide array of music.


The Qualifier had twelve competitors officially signed up. No wild cards this year, but two more folks signed up last minute after the show had already started, and so made it just in time to perform in the first round. And one of those two, well, let’s just say, he made it pretty far. . . We didn’t have any broken mirrors, or people relieving themselves backstage this year. BUT (and this is even better than that) what we did have is 10 newcomers who showed up and gave it their all this year, and several, new and old, fans who showed up to support their favorites and just have a god-good-damn time.

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All right, all right, all right, Austin!

This is a Guest Post by Full Circle Bar


Congrats to Brock McRock (aka Matthew McConaugheyhey) on winning the US Air Guitar ATX Regional at Full Circle Bar Austin. We will never forget the mid-routine jean short speedo wardrobe change.



What a magical night of immense airness by all. Thank you to the fearless competitors, the gut busting emcee and judges and all the crazy groupies in the crowd. Air guitar is no doubt officially back in Austin, TX. You’ve been warned, America!


Cheers to our awesome sponsors: Community Beer Company, 4th Tap Brewing Co-op, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds.



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More Than a Feeling in Boston

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Party On, Jinja Assassin!

The city of Aurora invited us to join their Wayne’s World 25th Anniversary Celebration by rocking out on the Two Brother’s Roundhouse stage. Congratulations to Jinja Assassin for taking first place and Howlin’ Hank Hawkins for taking second place! Both move on to compete at the Chicago Semifinals on 6/24!
The following is a Guest Post by Aurora Downtown


US Air Guitar was a blast! Thanks to City of Aurora, IL, Government and Two Brothers Roundhouse for helping us to bring this phenomenal event to Aurora.
It was an amazing night in Aurora history. Five incredible air guitar players performed for an energized crowd in the tavern at the historic landmark along Broadway.
A framed art print donated by If These Walls Could Talk was auctioned off raising $120 for SciTech Hands On Museum.



Emcee Matt Drufke introduced the evening of air guitar.



Romeo Dance Cheetah hosts the US Air Guitar Championships in Aurora on May 11 at Two Brothers Roundhouse.



The Repairman!



The judges! Thanks to Scott Mackay from 95.9 The River for coming out. White Flame gives a score.

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Conway, AR Sets New World Record

Conway, Arkansas was super pumped for its first official US Air Guitar Qualifier. They had the perfect festival for its debut in Toad Suck Daze, joined by over 100,000 party goers and featuring events like the Tricycle Race and several “Very Important Toad Races.” An agenda this impressive deserves an award, but that’s not the record they broke on May 6, 2017.


This is a 100% real event timeline

Their claim to fame came as the result of a snafu in stage change issues that forced their show into happening between the sets of legendary hair bands Great White and Dokken. An honor if you ask any competitor from the professional air guitar circuit, but a challenge to even the seasoned event planner. How do you run a US Air Guitar show in the time it takes Don Dokken to squeeze into his 40 year-old leather pants?

You do the whole damn thing in 6 minutes, that’s how.


Let that sink in for a moment, but not too long – or you might have just missed the Conway Qualifier. From start to finish, the emcee went through a single round of 4 brave competitors, reached out to the judges for a winner and thanked everyone for coming without so much as taking a second breath. If you went to the Porta-John after Great White’s encore, you probably missed the entire Qualifier.

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