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National Finalists Set – Is Austin Ready?


With just over a week to go, it’s time to get a look at who will be shredding for the 2016 US Air Guitar Title. Defending champion Airistotle seeks a three-peat, while returning veterans, rookies and cheap beer stand in …

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Houston: Come And Fake It


Air Guitar, really is, taking something from nothing, and making that an amazing memory
Brock McRock



Houston Texas. 4th largest city in the country, 4-point-something million people with diverse backgrounds and who speak many different languages and about …

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Shred Still Rules DC


Shred (Lance Kasten) took DC in a desicive civtory tonight. He’ll be bunkin

g with the Mid-Atlantic’s second and third best air guitarists, Rear Admiral Kickass (Nathan Bard) and T. Slaypool (Thomas Dempsey) at the National Finals in Austin.…

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Ya don’t say, #usairguitar is a top stop in DC tonight? Duh!…

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More Press from KC Show

You know stuff just got real when newspapers send music critics to air guitar shows. Our man Will Schmitt from the Kansas City Star wrote a brilliant pice about last weekend’s show.


Conor Taft (Rockward Silence) shuffled onto stage

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