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Eastern Conference Finals: Friendzone & The Artiste Break Ties, Wind

ChampionsPhoto by Stig Roo.

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NEW YORK CITY — The headlines in Finland this morning are all screaming “Pyhä

Live Stream TONIGHT from Eastern Conference Finals in NYC!




If you’re in the tri-state area and looking for a little culture, then this is your ticket. But if you and your family are too far or too poor to attend, why not huddle around the Galaxy …

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Björn Prepares for Eastern Conference Finals in NYC

Pastrami on Rye


–But twenty bucks for a sandwich?…


Came down to the short and curlies tonight with a near-tie between DOUG THUNDER STROOCK (Doug Stroock) and THE SHRED (Lance KASTEN). In the end, jumping from the speaker towers against your gerontologist’s orders still wins every time.



Atlantic Conference Finals Tonight – Watch Live on Air Guitar TV!


Our nation’s capital plays host to the 2015 US Air Guitar Atlantic Conference Finals tonight at the fabled 9:30 Club! The site of such thrills and spills as The Shred snapping his ancient ankles like dry twigs, and Tommy