Monthly Archives: June 2015

A Message to You, Bradley Cooper

Various National and World Champions joined together to challenge Bradley Cooper (nay, Brädley Cöoper), of great flicker picture and entertainment import, to come out and compete in one of our Conference Finals. Fame, fortune and hummus awaits – how could he … Continue reading

Tyranicus Unleashes End Times Upon San Diego

– This is a guest post by Lt. Facemelter, former US National Champ and organizer of the San Diego qualifier. Make sure to check out all the pictures and videos below the article! –    Holy shit this recap is delayed! … Continue reading

Fly to the (City of) Angels for the LA Qualifier

– This is a guest post by Six String General, organizer of the LA qualifier. –  Greetings passengers, this is your captain 6 String General coming to you from the flight deck.  The LA qualifier will be taking flight on … Continue reading

The Triumphant Return of Seattle Is Upon Us!

It’s been two VERY long, and hey, let’s be honest, VERY drunk, seasons since Seattle has seen an official air guitar competition. Hmm, um, come to think of it, it was, oh yeah. . . Oh yeah! It was Um, … Continue reading

Boston: Unfazed by Venue Closings

– This is a guest post by Captain Airhab, host of the Boston qualifier- Alright I better do this.  Air2D2 has been asking me to get this done. The Preview of the 2015 Boston Qualifier for the US Air Guitar … Continue reading