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US Air Guitar Becomes “Main Event” at Qatar’s Biggest Bash



DOHA, QATAR — This past week, US Air Guitar clawed its way to the top of the bill in Qatar’s biggest weeklong event supporting the 2015 Handball Championships (think Superbowl Village, desert style) and now the USAG All-Stars carry …

Iran Extends Hand to U.S. Air Guitar



QATAR — In heretofore unprecedented fashion, for the first time since Ben Affleck scared the ess out of us in this scene, official representatives on important business work from Iran and the United States shared an embrace in

Doha Soundcheck Party, W Doha Afterparty

Sound Check Party


DOHA, QATAR — A handful of VIPs, roadies and catering staff from The Twenty Four Abu2Funzone  were treated to a soundcheck party with USAG all-stars WILLIAM OCEAN (Andrew Litz), NORDIC THUNDER (Justin Howard), and AIRISTOTLE (Matt Burns).  Later in …

U.S. Brings Message of World Peace to Middle East



DOHA — By invitation of 24 HOUR FUN ZONE, U.S. Air Guitar is honored to join the iconic KOOL AND THE GANG and a slew of other legendary performers here in the capital city of Qatar.


Shredding …