Monthly Archives: September 2013

Norms challenged, diversity celebrated: USAG wins again

Swedish metal legends CULT OF LUNA announced the winner of its recent “craziest look contest.” They named our very own DIANE CLETUS (John Humphrey) as champion, who submitted photos from his 2013 performance in Kansas City to prove his mastery of … Continue reading

Dark Horse Video

    Our pals over at GoPro hooked up some amazing Hero 3’s, and this video is our first attempt at shooting – with a lot of help from San Francisco’s DIRTY AIRY (Aron Carlton).   There’s quite a few … Continue reading

Дыня, чресла его горят, как огонь чемпионате !

Big mama Russia: you get it.  

USAG Honors its Best and Brightest

At a ceremony in Los Angeles’ premier karaoke bar next to Koreatown’s finest strip club, nearly 30 competitors received awards for their superlative efforts in this field of magnificence.  Each recipient was presented with his or her own medal or … Continue reading

Kansas City extends hero’s welcome to WORLD champ

  How’s this for a WORLD CHAMPION’S homecoming?   Follow @usairguitar, tweet using #usairguitar, and find us on Instagram.