Monthly Archives: April 2013

More 2013 US Air Guitar Qualifiers Announced!

Today we’d like to announce three more 2013 US Air Guitar Qualifiers. More are due in soon, but this is the first round of confirmed dates: Continue reading

It’s all happening: 2013 US Air Guitar update

We have an Instagram account now. This season, we are counting on our fans to take badass photos at the competitions and post them on Instagram and Twitter using the #usairguitar hashtag. Continue reading

Old Gifs Keep On Giffing

Here’s something to keep you busy until we start announcing qualifying dates next week. The US Air Guitar Championship Semifinals are already announced! I just yanked this off, a wholly owned subsidiary of, which is in fact a wholly … Continue reading

White Flame Breaks Stereotypes of Air Guitar

Photo credit: Refinery29.   Possibly replacing 2012 US champ AIRISTOTLE (Matt Burns) as competitive air guitar’s “right now girl,” Chicago’s WHITE FLAME (Adrianna Lombardo) is featured this week in a Refinery29 fashion shoot (plus bonus interview!).   “The White Flame is … Continue reading

US Air Guitar 2013 Semifinals Dates announced!

US Air Guitar 2013 Semifinals Dates announced! Information on the US Air Guitar Qualifying shows, Dark Horse event, and National Finals are on the way … In the meantime, here’s your US AIR GUITAR FINAL FOUR. Continue reading