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Dr. Pepper and USAG: Two of a kind (updated video)


Dr. Pepper has partnered with World Champion NORDIC THUNDER for its latest national ad blitz.  We at USAG like this combination even more than Dr. Pepper and Southern Comfort.


DP: “Fill me up!”

Air Guitar: “The Addiction” (photos)


SF shooter Christine Zona has been getting buckets of press recently for her years of service as our favorite photographer in San Francisco.  She was featured most recently on Flavorwire, along with this inspirational quote:


“[The air

SF Events: If you drop your keys on Polk St., kick ’em up to Leavenworth


WHEN: Saturday, Feb 9th 2013

WHERE: CAFE ROYALE, 800 Post / Leavenworth

WHAT: Performances, photography, and if the Claw’s involved a metric fuckton of rotgut malt liquor.  (FB event here.)


Next month, claw your way to the …

Air Guitar Cheat Sheet (photo)

This is dedication.…

7 years later, AGN is still the funnest documentary of the new year


PBS recently ran a color piece on ten “fun, feel-good movies for the new year.” Needless to say, just like its star BJÖRN TÜROQUE, our very own Air Guitar Nation ranked second on the list.…