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The Onion peels RDC

Full article here.

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Austin: Forever we rock

Vlad DM Wailer (Kolb Ettenger) hasn’t washed his lucky red outfit since he first competed 4 years ago.

Officiated by the finest celebrity judging panel of the tour – in the history of all tours, actually – with 2008 Air Guitar World Champion HOT LIXX HULAHAN (Craig Billmeier), Austin’s hometown hero HANK SINATRA, and especially one of the guys from a band down here, Saturday night’s audience at Austin’s ND at 501 Studios were treated to a, you know, real treat. 

Performers traveled from cities as distant as Tucson, AZ (Vlad DM Wailer) and Denver, CO (Duke Thrashington), both of whom made the second round.

Hometown favorites and former national representatives TED POWERS (Ted Powers) and BROCK McROCK (Taylor Fullbright) gave it their best, but VD/MW took Saturday’s competition by nearly a 5/10 of a point – an infinite divide in big guy math.  For his part, Brock McRock’s backpack poppers failed to discharge until after his track had ended, marking the first post-mature ejaculation in air guitar history.  And Ted Powers fell off some shit, and that made the judges all “helllll, no.”

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Round 2 scores from Saturday’s Rapture Revival show. Clicky clicky.

Round 2 scores from Saturday’s Rapture Revival show. Clicky clicky.

Austin Show of Rapture: Streaming maybe

They tell me there’s a stream of tonight’s show on — but I can’t find it.

Austin, TX: The Bible Guarantees It

Come out to Saturday’s show at 501 Studios. And then at midnight we’ll all —

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